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My EGA GCC piece “Tiramisu” had been sitting in a drawer since 2008 while I tried to decide how I was going to frame it.  I actually do much of my own framing, but this piece was extra special.  The piece is a reversible blackwork piece and I didn’t want to cover up the back…what would be the point of it.  And I wasn’t sure I was up to the framing and doing the piece justice.

I have often see pictures of needlework pieces framed by Jill Rensel on the web and just love what she does.  So I decided to have her frame this piece.  The only criteria I gave her was that I wanted glass on the front and back so I could show off both sides.  I didn’t really care about how “finished” the back of the molding looked because it would be against the wall most of the time.  I got it back last week and boy did she do a wonderful job:

Look at that back?!  And the carved scrollwork in the corners?!  Didn’t she do a fabulous job?  I will definitely be sending more pieces to Jill in the future.   In fact, I’ve been diligently be working on my “Christmas Hope”, anticipating what she can do to frame this piece.  Here’s how “Christmas Hope” looks to date:

I’m almost done with all the confetti stitching.  Then I just need to backstitch all the vines before I can move on to the bands of specialty stitches.  It will be nice to break away from all the constant color changes and the confetti stitching for a while.  I can only handle that kind of stitching for so long.  I do love the look once it’s done….it’s just tedious.


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Tiramisu is Done!

Now that I took the pressure off myself, I thought I’d post something a little more interesting.  One thing I was doing during my 3 month hiatus was finishing up my first EGA GCC called “Tiramisu” by Dakota Rogers.  I had signed up for this GCC over a year ago and was getting down to the wire in August to get it done by the due date.  Thankfully, Dakota gave me an extension and I was able to complete the entire piece last month and get it to her for evaluation and it was returned to me this week.  So, without further ado, here is how mine turned out:

front –> tiramisu-front-sm.jpg tiramisu-back-sm.jpg <–back

And so, I received my first EGA certificate….woohoo!


It’s kind of funny that the certificate matches the piece.  I used Soie d’alger # 4912,4913, 4914, 4916 and 1414 (5 shades of a periwinkle blue), but I’m not exactly sure what kind of linen I used.  It was in my stash of linen.  Now all I need to do is get it framed.  I plan on framing it with the back visible.

Learning reversible blackwork was a challenge, but it was fun.  I started off slow, but the technique became easier and I became faster at it.  I received many compliments from Dakota and happy to say the only thing I need to work on is getting the threads anchored a little better on the back.  So I am satisfied with how it went for my first time.  I’m now moving on to my second GCC, “Fantasy Remembered” by Luan Callery, to learn stumpwork!

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Band 5 Completed

I have been diligently working on Tiramisu this past week and completed the 5th band for this EGA GCC:

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with my color placement for this band.  I tried to use all 5 shades of the periwinkle color (some are so close it’s hard to see the differences in the picture), but I’m thinking there might be too much of the lightest color between the flowers and the tops of the flames (I think they look like artichokes, but then, I live in artichoke country here in California 🙂 )   I welcome any opinions or suggestions on this band.  I may just wait until I put in a few more bands to see if it balances out.

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Third of the Way There

Thought I’d write up a couple quick posts on what I’ve been working on over the past week. Just quick posts, because I need to get to bed 🙂

First, I completed band 4 of my EGA GCC “Tiramisu” piece over the weekend and started on band 5 tonight (12 bands total):

So far, I’m really happy with how this piece is turning out. I’ve changed the values around a bit from what the designer (Dakota Rogers) did. I’m trying not to look at the model colors so that I can see how it plays out in my own mind. Band 4 is pretty heavy compared to the others, so I think I need to add more light values in band 5 to balance it out some. I still have a long way to go and get done before it’s due date in August. Wish me luck.

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My First GCC

I joined the local chapter of my EGA (Santa Clara Valley) just over a year ago. Everything about it was new to me, but I quickly learned about the education programs offered by the EGA. Unfortunately, I learned about the Group Correspondence Courses (GCCs) a little too late and the one I was interested in and being done by my local chapter was full and already started. Lucky for me (and other members), you can sign up at the National level, as they offer a couple GCCs through their quarterly publication, Needle Arts. And, the class I wanted to take was offered. It’s called “Tiramisu” by Dakota Rogers and it’s reversible blackwork. I signed up back in September, but didn’t make it very far on my piece until recently. I have a deadline in August to have it to Dakota for her inspection on my technique. So, here’s how far I have gotten so far:

Dakota’s model was done in blues, and you might think I have done so also, but my shades are more on the purple side. The thing I really like about reversible blackwork is that it’s like a puzzle….you need to figure out how to travel with needle and thread to get the pattern on the front AND the back. I’ve figured out how much I need to do each week to meet the deadline and all I can say is I need to be diligent on this piece and get a few hours in each week. This is my challenge because I get easily distracted on other projects….hence my long UFO list 🙂

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