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Queen Sofia Is Done!

You know how some projects seem to go on, and on, and on?  Well this was true for my Queen Sofia project.  But tonight, I FINALLY finished the entire piece!!!  How good it feels to say that and get it crossed off my UFO list.  This project was definitely a challenge.   The first major challenge was picking a completely different pallet of colors, threads, beads and fabric from the original.  The second challenge was assembly of the many components…the toughest of which was the little thimble shoe.  But I am truely happy with the end result:

"Queen Sofia Sewing Bag"

bottom of the bag


Chatelaine Buckle

Strawberry Emery

Scissor Pocket (front)

Scissor Pocket (back)

Needle Book (front)

Needle Book (back)

Thread Pocket (front)

Thread Pocket (back)



Thimble Shoe

Last time I posted about this piece (here) back in November, I had just finished the stitching.  As I worked on the piece, I had decided it needed some “bling”.  I added lots of Swarovski crystals and some beads.  Just enough “bling” but not overwhelming amounts.  And lucky for me my friend Sandie had the perfect shade of plum silk that she let me use to line my bag and all the accessories (thanks Sandie!).

So, does this count as a single finish or nine (one for each component)?


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This past Friday, instead of dealing with the Black Friday crowds, a bunch of my stitching buddies and I spent the entire day in Half Moon Bay at a friends house.  We arrived just after 10:00 a.m. and didn’t leave until almost midnight!  An entire day filled with stitching, eating and merriment…ah, life it good.  I worked on the finishing of an old project, “Where Stitchers Gather” by Victoria Sampler:




As you can see, there are several different stitches and techniques in this piece.  It was a class project taught by the designer, Thea Dueck, back in October of 2006 when I attended her retreat in Victoria, B.C.  It was the first retreat I ever attended and I had such a wonderful time, I went back again in 2007.  Thea and her staff are a group of wonderful ladies and Victoria is such a beautiful city to visit.  I may go back again someday.

This project was debuted at this retreat, but a year or two afterwards, Thea released the chart.  There are some companion pieces that go with this (scissor case, fob and needlebook), but I decided to just finish the pocket.  I only made a few changes to this piece.  The dress of the second stitcher from the left originally called for the flesh color thread, but I changed it to a gold color.  I also replaced the silk ribbon on each side of the pocket used to tie the pocket closed with a snap instead.  I didn’t think the silk ribbon would hold up over time and I would get tired of having to tie both sides to keep the piece close.

In addition to learning all sorts of new stitches, I learned something new this weekend from my friend when I went to “finish” this piece.  Let’s see if I can explain it.  Around the entire design was backstitching, which is used attach the lining and close the sides of the pocket.  The lining needed to be about a 1/2″ shorter in length (not width) than the outside/linen because some length is lost when the piece is folded.  Because the lengths were different, you couldn’t attach the lining all the way around the linen to the backstitching.  So the solution was to attach the lining along the bottom, then around the top and the sides of the flap.  Once that was done, I folded the pocket into place, sewed the sides of the lining together separately on each side, then closed up the sides of the linen.  The lining pocket ends up floating inside of the linen pocket.  This was a different way of finishing this piece that was described in the booklet.  It made more sense to me and I will definitely leverage this technique again.


Another recent finish is this fob.

Last month, I picked up a pair of the new “Mia” scissors by Gingher from Joanns.  I started thinking about the plaid pattern while I was standing in line to pay for them with my friends and said “Wouldn’t it be cute to stitch a Scottie dog fob?”.   Because we all know every pair of embroidery scissors need a fob, right?  And I knew I had several pieces of plaid fabric in my quilt stash, so it was likely I had one to match.  But when I went through my vast pattern stash, I couldn’t find a pattern for a Scottie dog.  Thanks goodness for the internet and all the stitchers out there in cyber space.  A quick search on Google  found the perfect freebie, which you can find here.  I didn’t want it to be too large, so I stitched it over one on some natural linen.  I didn’t have an exact match on the red in the plaid fabric I used from my stash, but it was close enough.

On a final note, I thought I’d post a picture of my Queen Sofia all stitched up:

I’m happy to report that I *did* get it all stitched the night before the EGA deadline and received my golden needle after all.  I still have the beads and Swarovski crystals to attach before I assemble it all together.  And my wonderful friend in Half Moon Bay had some silk dupioni in the perfect shade of purple to line the inside of the bag and another wonderful shade of green to line the inside of the accessories.  So, hopefully soon, you’ll see another post with the finished ensemble. And for some of the pieces, I will be leveraging the pocket lining technique I described above.  So the timing was perfect for me to learn that.

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Although I have been absent from my blog for the past few months, I haven’t been absent from stitching.  I’ve been making some good progress on a couple of my larger pieces recently.  First, “Queen Sofia”.  My last, and only, post about this project was from back in January. I had forgotten about this piece for a while until at our last EGA meeting I found out November was the deadline to get a golden needle for it, *if* it was completely stitched.  So last weekend, I pulled it out and stitched on it for the entire weekend.  Here’s how far I got:

I don’t think I’ll get it all stitched by Novebmer’s meeting in a few weeks.  As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve been swapping colors in and out and I ran short of the dark purple thread that I used in the borders of all the pieces.  I sent the last little bit I had to a local shop this week to see if she can find me a match.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed that she does.

The other piece I’ve made good progress on is my “Blackstone Fantasy Garden”.   I’m continuing with my plan from March to stitch the knotwork first and then go back and fill in with the blackwork.

There’s more work to this piece than I initially thought.  Do any of you have that issue….under-estimating the amount of time it will take to stitch something?  I’d think after stitching for over 15 years, that I’d be better at it 🙂

Now onto a couple of recent finishes. The first piece, “Flame & Queen Etui” by Thistle Threads:

The model was originally done in more pastel colors, but I decided to try something much more vibrant. I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I also omitted the cording because I thought it looked cleaner and more classy without it. Did you notice all of the queen stitches on the one panel? That side took much longer to stitch than the bargello side, but the results were worth it.

I used 32 count black linen and used NPI silks in the following colors:

Creamy Yellow Range: 132, 133, 135

Violet Range: 451, 455, 456

Azure Range: 482, 486, 489

Hot Pink Range: 682, 683, 685

Holly Green Range: 428

Black Range: 993

And lastly, this is a scissor fob I finished for my friend Maggie.  She accidentally stitched the design over one.  It was suppose to be an ornament and when she realized it was only going to stitch up to 1″ square, she started over, stitching over two of course.  She didn’t think anything could be done with the teeny version and not wanting her efforts to go to waste, I took it from her and made this fob.  She didn’t have anything stitched for the back, so I stitched the ‘M’  to personalize it.

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