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Christmas Hope Milestone

Don’t you love those days where you anticipate sleeping in, only to wake up early for no reason?  Today was one of those mornings for me, which is rare because I love my sleep.   But my brain decided it was time to get up a couple hours before I typically get up on the weekends.

So I got up and thought I’d stitch in peace and quiet until my husband rolled out of bed (which was 4 hours later).   I only planned to stitch this morning, but ended up stitching the entire day.  And with all that dedicated time, I got to do a little happy dance this evening when I *finally* finished all the cross stitching AND backstitching on the top of my “Christmas Hope”:

Phew!  This took FOREVER.  My guestimate is that it took approximately 100 hours of stitching time to get this part done.  I use to think backstitching Stoney Creek pieces was tedious, but for this piece, it’s all the confetti stitching.  Those of you wondering what I mean, confetti stitching is when your piece has lots of color changes with the stitches scattered all over the place.  The trick is to make a copy of the chart and use a yellow highlighter to mark the symbol you want to stitch before you start.  It makes it easier to see where your stitches need to go. Then when you’re done stitching with the strand of thread, highlight back over the symbols for the stitches that were completed with a darker color, like orange.

Completing the top portion of this piece is a major milestone.  First, because I think I’m more than halfway done (time wise) and secondly, I told myself I had to finish the top before I could move to another section.  So now I get to start working on the bands of specialty stitches underneath, yay!  I’ve been looking forward to this part.  Each band is different, so I won’t have time to get bored.  So for now, I get to say goodbye to confetti stitching while I learn some new stitches.  I’ll get to revisit joys of confetti stitching after the bands, but at least the remaining motifs are much smaller the the wreath in “HOPE”.


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My EGA GCC piece “Tiramisu” had been sitting in a drawer since 2008 while I tried to decide how I was going to frame it.  I actually do much of my own framing, but this piece was extra special.  The piece is a reversible blackwork piece and I didn’t want to cover up the back…what would be the point of it.  And I wasn’t sure I was up to the framing and doing the piece justice.

I have often see pictures of needlework pieces framed by Jill Rensel on the web and just love what she does.  So I decided to have her frame this piece.  The only criteria I gave her was that I wanted glass on the front and back so I could show off both sides.  I didn’t really care about how “finished” the back of the molding looked because it would be against the wall most of the time.  I got it back last week and boy did she do a wonderful job:

Look at that back?!  And the carved scrollwork in the corners?!  Didn’t she do a fabulous job?  I will definitely be sending more pieces to Jill in the future.   In fact, I’ve been diligently be working on my “Christmas Hope”, anticipating what she can do to frame this piece.  Here’s how “Christmas Hope” looks to date:

I’m almost done with all the confetti stitching.  Then I just need to backstitch all the vines before I can move on to the bands of specialty stitches.  It will be nice to break away from all the constant color changes and the confetti stitching for a while.  I can only handle that kind of stitching for so long.  I do love the look once it’s done….it’s just tedious.

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Christmas Hope

xmas-hope-cover.jpg xmas-hope-cover2.jpg

“Christmas Hope” by Stoney Creek

I took this piece as a class at the 2003 CATS festival in Santa Clara. I put it away in my mass pile of UFOs after only completing the H and half of the wreath. I picked it up again this month and have put another 15+ hours into it.

As of August 16th, when I took this picture, I had finished stitching the three birds and the candles in the center of the wreath. There are tons of color changes in this piece, so progress is slower than usual. I think once I get the wreath/HOPE done, the rest (mostly specialty stitches) should go much quicker.

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