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My lack of posting the past few months has been mainly due to my recent addiction to reading.  I’ve never been an avid reader.  I would say I typically would only read a few books a year.  I was even proud of myself a year or so ago when I read “The Hobbit” and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy in the same year.  But since mid-April this year, I’ve read 17 books and will finish the 18th shortly.   It use to take me weeks if not months to finish a book, but needless to say my rate has condensed to days.

What brought this all on?  Well, I have to confess that it all started in April when I broke down and rented the movie “Twilight”.  I wasn’t sure I’d even like it.  I tried to watch the HBO series “True Blood” but it was a tad too violent for me and I didn’t think I’d like stories about vampires.  So I watched” Twilight”, and liked it enough to rent the second movie (“New Moon”) the same weekend.  I then learned that the movies were based off Stephanie Meyers books and decided to buy a copy of “Twilight” at the SeaTac airport when I was traveling in April.  I couldn’t put the book down!  Usually I can read for only about an hour before I get tired, but I read that book in a day!  I’ve NEVER read a 400+ page book in that short of a time.  Although I had to wait for Amazon to get the other three books to me, I still managed to read all four books (and the “Midnight Sun” draft from Stephanie’s website) in about 2 weeks.  If any of you other fans are wondering what “team” I’m on, I go for the dark, brooding type :^)  And yes, I did see the latest movie “Eclipse”…a friend and I went to the first showing at 12:01 a.m. on June 30th.  I know it’s not getting high scores from the critics, as did the previous movies, but I really enjoyed it.

After finishing the “Twilight” series, a co-worker introduced me to the Study trilogy by Maria V. Snyder.  It didn’t capture me right away, but once the love interest was introduced, I got hooked.  I then started to realize that I really enjoy romance novels.  Once I was about done with that series, I started to search for the next book to read.  I poked around the internet to see if anyone who liked the “Twilight” series had any recommendations.   Someone recommended the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series by J.R. Ward, which is another series about vampires.  This series is definitely an adult series, whereas the “Twilight” series is young adult, if you catch my drift. So I checked out the first of the eight books from my local library to see if I’d enjoy it, and boy did I!   I plowed right through that series, including the novella, which I guess makes it 9 books, in a little over a month.  At this point I realized I really enjoy paranormal romance novels and I’m currently working through “The Demonica Series” by Larissa Ione.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the books I’ve mentioned and have reading recommendations, I’m all ears!

One thing I find humorous about this recent addiction is that my husband over the years has always encouraged me to read more and stitch less.  Well, sometimes you better be careful what you wish for.   At least when we stitch, we can carry on a conversation.  But not so with reading and I think he’s felt a bit neglected at times over the past 2 1/2 months….lol.

On a final note, my friends have been enjoying my obsession with the “Twilight” series.  One friend collected some “Eclipse” cards from Burger King for me and the friend who went to the midnight showing with me made me this one-of-a-kind, hand-made bib:

I didn’t have the courage to wear it at the theatre, but I compromised and told her I’d post a picture to my blog.  Val is really talented with paper towels and a stapler ;^)


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Pumpkin Collection

Some years ago, I saw a beautiful hand blown glass pumpkin in the window of a store and just had to have it.  That one pumpkin has since multiplied into a sizable collection, some I’ve bought myself, others given to me as gifts.  I display them all year long in a curio in my living room (pardon the glare):

Top half shelf

Second shelf

Some day, I’d like to have a garden window to put them in so the light can shine through them and show off their colors more.

A few years back, my husband discovered an annual glass pumpkin exhibit in Palo Alto, where artists and students of the Bay Area Glass Institute sell their creations.  Thousands of pumpkins are displayed and available for purchase.  Each year we’ve bought a few to add to my collection and this year was no exception.  Here are the newest additions: 


In the beginning, I stuck mainly to the traditional orange color, but have since become fond of pumpkins in all sorts of colors.

Last month, my husband gave me these glass oil lamps for my birthday:


They are really pretty at night, when the lights are off.  

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Catching Up

Well, I’ve been suffering from BGS (Busy Girl Syndrom), as my husband would call it and haven’t managed to post any updated to my blog in over a month.

What have I been up to?

Sonoma Valley

Well, at the beginning of April, my husband and I took a little trip to wine country in Sonoma. We spent three days and two nights there and visiting about 10 wineries. Many of the wineries had some impressive buildings and gardens. My favorite, was the Ledson winery.

Ledson Winery
Ledson Winery

This was originally built as a home for the Ledson family, but after numerous visitors knocking on the door asking when the tasting room was going to open, they abandoned it as their home and changed it to a tasting room. It is as impressiving in side as it is outside.

Then at the end of April, I traveled up to Portland, Oregon to visit a friend and take a C.A. Wells class at my friends shop. It was good catching up with my friend and I am looking forward to visiting her again within the next year.

Here’s a look at how far I got with my C.A. piece (Sailor’s Valentine):


I just finished one side of the piece earlier this week. I’m hoping to get it all done within the next couple weeks.

Then, in between my two vacations I had been busy with all sorts of little things and also was sick a couple times, one of which was a bad case of laryngitis.

Now, if I can just be better about updating my blogs. Some of my local friends have been ribbing me about my lack of updates…I’ll try to be better ladies 🙂

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Soaking up the sun

I woke up today to a beautiful spring-like day. The forecast for this weekend is blue skies and highs in the mid 70’s….how perfect. I’ll have to get out this afternoon for a walk and soak up some of the sun. I’m sure my cat, Sammy, will be soaking up the rays too. He’s an indoor cat and loves to lay in the sun in the living room. Here’s a picture of him in the process:


Doesn’t he look happy? He’s my buddy. He is such a character and often entertains me, my husband, family and friends. He loves to be around people and is on my lap anytime he can find the chance. At times, I think he thinks he’s a dog. He’ll come when I call him, he can do a few tricks and boy does he love to play…even at 13 years old. He’s of the Bengal breed of cats. It’s hard to see in this picture, but most of his body is covered in spots, although from head on, he looks like a tabby with stripes. But, as much as I love this cat, I don’t know if I’d get a purebred cat in the future. They are more proned to disease than your everyone, Heinz-57 variety. This poor guy has asthma, slight heart issues and bowel problems. Fortunately, you’d never know this when you meet him because medications keep it all under control.

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A New Car!

My husband came home last week, which made me a little annoyed at the time. Boy, did I feel like a heel for giving him the cold shoulder initially after he told me he bought me a new car (the reason for being late).

It was completely unexpected. I knew he had been researching various cars to buy for himself, but to give it to me? I was dumbfounded. It’s a Toyota Camry Hybrid and it’s in my favorite color, cobalt blue. I need to get a better picture of it. It’s hard to see the nice, rich color in this picture, which was taken with the car in the shade.

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